Hearables 3D’s mission is to make custom-fit hearing devices accessible for everyday people

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Standard-fit ear devices are causing serious health issues…

Like our fingerprints, every ear is unique.


Yet despite the increasing prevalence of personalised goods, most ear devices still come in ‘one size fits all’ shapes. As a result, this causes pain, discomfort and poor rigidity. If you’re picturing someone’s airpods not fitting it may sound like a trivial problem, but when you imagine what it’s like for a hearing aid user who needs to wear their device 24/7 the image becomes much more bleak. It’s so dire that ~50% of hearing aid users choose not to use their hearing aids, choosing to abandon one of their five senses rather than suffer through the pain of poor fit.


What’s worse, hearing loss is increasing rapidly. The World Health Organisation warns that 2.5 billion people worldwide ─ or 1 in 4 people ─ will suffer from hearing loss by 2050.

… but getting a custom-fit ear device is slow, painful and expensive

The good news is that custom-fit ear devices already exist, and they make a big difference!


However they are not easily accessible for everyday people. This is because creating custom-fit products is difficult – one needs to:

  1. have a hearing professional (e.g. audiologist) take a silicon ear impression of the user;
  2. digitise the silicon ear impression with an expensive industrial scanner;
  3. create a 3D printable design file using complex 3D CAD modelling processes;
  4. 3D print, polish and package the device.
Getting a custom-fit ear device is slow, painful and expensive

Enter Hearables 3D – making custom fit more accessible

Hearables 3D was born out of a belief of a better world. Our purpose is to reduce the burden of hearing loss, and our mission is to make custom-fit ear devices accessible for everyday people.


We do this by providing B2B tools – our smartphone scanning and automated design technologies – that drastically simplify how custom-fit hearing devices are made.


Since launching in 2018, we’re proud to already be making an impact. Hearables 3D have partnered with industry leaders such as Sennheiser and Formlabs, and works with Minerva Laboratories and others hearing health care labs that service the UK’s NHS, hearing aid chains and audiology clinics.


If you share our vision for a world with better hearing, please get in touch.

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